Recital 60 Information Obligation*

1The principles of fair and transparent processing require that the data subject be informed of the existence of the processing operation and its purposes. 2The controller should provide the data subject with any further information necessary to ensure fair and transparent processing taking into account the specific circumstances and context in which the personal data are processed. 3Furthermore, the data subject should be informed of the existence of profiling and the consequences of such profiling. 4Where the personal data are collected from the data subject, the data subject should also be informed whether he or she is obliged to provide the personal data and of the consequences, where he or she does not provide such data. 5That information may be provided in combination with standardised icons in order to give in an easily visible, intelligible and clearly legible manner, a meaningful overview of the intended processing. 6Where the icons are presented electronically, they should be machine-readable.

* This title is an unofficial description.

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